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Virus Killing
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Temperature Control


  • Convenient personal size USB-rechargeable (refillable) atomizer and finger-pump sprayer types!

  • 12-Hour Protection proven effective for up to 10 hand washings!

  • A better value than alcohol-based hand sanitizers which quickly evaporate and stop working seconds after each application. One application of BioGlove protects your skin all day!

  • Contains soothing botanicals that help soften your hands and prevent dry skin, redness and chapping.

  • Safer than alchohol-based hand sanitizers. BiOGLOVE is non-toxic, non-flammable and 100% Triclosan, Paraben, Sulfate & Alcohol-Free!

  • Environmentally friendly compared to single-use disposable gloves & wipes.

  • Face-recognition with mask,temperature-reading, hand-motion automated, refillable wall-mount and floor-stand dispenser options


Commercial / Industrial / Medical / Military

Temperature taking BioGlove Dispenser with a refillable tank, tripod stand, and wall mounting bracket. This is the perfect dispenser for low occupancy offices, it allows you to keep your staff and clients monitored and safe while allowing ease of access to BioGlove when needed.

Commercial / Industrial / Medical / Military

Ai All In One Technology

Facial Recognition, Mask Recognition, AI Intelligence, WiFi, Android OS, Temperature Taking and Refillable BioGloveDispenser. Also available with floor mount and LED lights.

Ai All In One Technology

BioGlove’s focus is on providing a sustainable product while protecting against the daily challenges of today’s world.  One 58ml bottle provides up to 300 uses which saves our environment from more than 600 latex gloves. BioGloves unique Bottle Buyback Program allows you to not only reuse your refill bottles which keep them out of the landfill but also provide you a credit on your next order.

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